Arbitration Board


Grievances Redressal Committee(GRC) is one of the most prominent and widely-respected Committees, which is formed purely to safeguard the commercial interests of all the members of the Association. It aims to promote most healthy business practices and for the long-term welfare of the members and healthy growth of the trade at large.
The objective of the GRC is to undertake and solve disputes arising between members and customers and also amongst the members. These disputes can be related to stuck-up/delayed payments, non-receipt of statutory Forms from the buyers. In short, the GRC assumes the role of an ARBITRATOR in finding solutions to the problems/disputes brought to its notice by the members.
Moreover, we are proud to mention that GRC has been given legal sanctity with the formation of ARBITRATION BOARD as prescribed under Law. This means that the decisions taken by the Arbitration Board are legally binding on both the parties and are also respected and upheld by the judiciary.
To be more precise, we can go to the extent of saying that GRC acts as a psychological deterrent for the buyers from resorting to unethical trade practices, thereby by promoting clear and transparent business transactions.
Several cases have been solved amicably till date and the Committee continues to ride high in the hearts of all our members particularly in view of its neutrality and professional approach.

Arbitration Board Committee for the Year 2021-23

Sri. R.G. Prasad


Sri. Narayandas Bang


Sri. Telukunta Srinath


Sri. Anand Baldwa


Sri. Ashish Jain


Sri. Katam Hari Kumar


Sri. Vikas Sha


Ex-Officio Members

Sri. Rajesh Kumar Gangam


Sri Neeraj Goyal